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The last few months have been like a rollercoaster. Even though things are going well in life, I haven't necessarily felt well. There is no explanation for feeling unwell and it's extremely frustrating. This poem is the best way I can explain what it feels like.

It’s a nagging feeling of unease.

It’s a feeling of dread, without knowing why.

It’s butterflies in my stomach.

It’s a mind that can’t think.

It’s the desire to accomplish so much.

It’s the inability to do … anything.

It’s a heaviness in my entire body.

It’s numbness.

It’s tears that won’t flow.

It’s muscles tied in knots.

It’s a head hung low.

It’s smiling when I want to cry.

It’s laughing when I want to scream.

It’s wanting to escape, but holding on so tight.

It’s finding a glimmer of hope to get through another night.

It’s pushing myself.

It’s taking deep breaths.

It’s believing tomorrow will be better.


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