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One Step at a Time

A year ago I wrote about wanting to lose weight. I began Pilates class and ate better ... for a while. I stuck with Pilates, but slowly slipped back into bad eating habits. Besides Pilates, I didn't really exercise. I went for walks, but when I began experiencing severe foot pain in the fall, I stopped doing that too. Instead of losing the 15 pounds I wanted to, I gained 5 more! It wasn't until I stepped on the scale at urgent care last month that I was slapped in the face with reality. The number staring back at me was my highest non-pregnant weight ever and I was in disbelief. Of course the scale had to be off. However, two other scales confirmed the harsh reality.

I try not to let a number on the scale bother me, but I was already bothered by how my clothes fit so this number just topped it off. It was easy to justify a pound or two here or there, but I can't ignore a 20 pound increase in the last two years and 30 since I got married in 2012. So, what do I do about it? I'm really trying to stay motivated this time. It's easy to get excited in the beginning, but not easy to maintain the momentum. Since my husband is also trying to lose weight, we joined a gym around the corner. The gym also offers child care, so we can both go together on the weekend and I can also go during the week.

In addition to exercise, of course I have to modify my eating habits. I have significantly reduced the amount of sugar I'm consuming each day. I stopped putting it in my coffee, which seems to reduce my cravings throughout the day. I think sweet coffee first thing in the morning wired my brain for sugar cravings. If I crave something sweet, I now have blueberries or grapes. I have eaten a ton of blueberries lately, but that's better than chocolate, right?!

Since I joined the gym almost two weeks ago, I am down three pounds and doing better at managing my cravings. I was thinking about it to myself ... I chose to endure childbirth 100% drug-free. I was in labor for four days. I was able to deal with the pain with breathing exercises and visualization. If I can do that, I surely can find enough strength in me to limit sweets and exercise more.

Bottom line is I'm done with excuses. I'm going to do this. It might take a long time to get exactly where I want to be, but I'm going to do it one step at a time.

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