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Artist and writer, Katie Gallo, is the creator of Beauty & Disarray, a fusion of visual art, the written word, and mental health. Inspired by her travels and her love of nature, Katie transforms the dark depths of life with bipolar disorder and anxiety into a vibrant symphony of beauty on canvas. With every stroke of her brush, Katie uses her art to tell stories of resilience and triumph, inviting the viewer to find beauty where they least expect it. Using bold colors to evoke a sense of hope and emotional transformation, her work takes the viewer on a journey to a brighter, more hopeful place, illustrating how art can heal.

On the Canvas

Inspired by her travels, Katie uses oil paint to reimagine photos of her favorite places.

Click images to see the full size painting.

Ocean Cropped.jpg

Find the Beauty in the Disarray

In Words

Katie has chronicled her journey over the years, giving insight to life with bipolar disorder and anxiety. Her older writing has captured her darkest hours, while her current work focuses on her healing journey and and path to recovery. 

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