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Life's Missing Puzzle Piece

I found this poem that I wrote during the early 2000's during a period of deep depression. I post this because it reminds me that I have experienced extreme darkness numerous times, but I haven't let it keep me down. Life does get brighter with the right treatment.

Life’s Missing Puzzle Piece

Happy- A foreign word to me.

Smile- What is that?

Laughter- I forget how.

Swallowed up by my world of darkness, sadness and depression.

Loneliness flows through my veins like poison, consuming my mind and spirit. All ALONE – floating through this life ALONE!

Numb to feelings that are pleasant. Bad is all I feel.

A wonderful life and family surround me, but I can’t find the pieces to make me whole.

I stand back and watch as a dark monster sucks the life out of me.

Tears flow knowing I can’t stop it.

There’s a good person here – somewhere, but … WHERE???

I’m not ungrateful, just lost in a deep, dark sea.

The sun will rise again in my world someday when I find the pieces to make me whole.


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